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SilverFang Ragabash Speaks:

Greetings,welcome to this part of the realm where the wolves dwell. Here you shall find resident lupines/ resources/ or places where packs may roam. I shall update this part of the protectorate as best I can. Meanwhile duty calls. Later.

Wolfish Realms? (LoneWolf Wanderings)

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Temple of Luna: Gallery of Werewolf Pics collected
Ashland Signon page: White Wolf Players gaming ground (unaffialiated?)
Avalon's Gateway: More links to other sites

Ian 'Smoking Wolf'

Well, here's a picture of Ian 'Smoking Wolf', a GlassWalker, who probably got his name from his packet of cigerttes, or that aftereffect of being struck by Grandfather Thunder. :)

This part of the wild fringes has been visited since 06 Nov 1998

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