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In Sainty's Moment

Living in a city of a country (Singapore), there isn't much of a country living to run away to. Which is probably why most of my recreational activities center on fantasy/creative related stuff, like reading, poetry, drawing etc. Gets kind of bored when you're sitting all by yourself in your flat. Does something funny to you, loosening some screws in the process.

Pockets of artistic creativity DO exist. As far as I know, that kind of creativity gets squished young. Nothing here but 'fine' arts and 'commercialized' creativity. You know that when the idea or the curriculum circulated here is that creativity can be taught. Mind you TAUGHT. It can be nurtured, encourage but never taught! That's what makes me critical.

Currently doing my pictures on an amateur, self teaching basis, from anthro /fantasy with occasional background. (With or without computer tinkering) No exotics or personally objectionable stuff.

Enough of my raving . . . for now. -Arcas